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Time is the one thing you DO NOT have.  You are frustrated by everyone saying you are not doing enough on the sustainability front.  Marketing goals for "green products" tell you nothing about how you should manufacture them.  Major commercial clients are demanding you report on your sustainability initiatives.  Government regulators are banning things left and right.


No we cannot give you more time.  No we cannot run your operations for you.  No we are not promising we have the best solution out there.  We have learned there is no ONE best way to approach this.  We have also learned we are all rowing the same boat it's just that we have not synchronized our rowing signals yet.  Consumers want green/sustainable. Government regulators want safety.  Neither of these groups are running manufacturing production shops on a daily basis.  


So what?  Often times requests are well meaning but there is no ability to understand the level of difficulty in executing a "simple" request.  Example: please use more recycled content.  


Well, we would if we could but we have to meet health and safety codes which ban most of the recycled content we can use and there are no processing plants to get the recycled content to pass health and safety codes before we use it.  Why don't you redesign your product with recycling in mind?  Because our expertise is in production not product design - get us the design specs and we will tell you if we can use them to produce while still meeting the price you expect.  


Complaining about these issues in isolation does not help.  The more we can have issue and industry specifiic dialogs with "case study" examples of challenges, the more we can collaboratively develop solutions.  


This is where Global Ectropy can help!  


We can facilitate the dialog as well as connect with technical (scientific, production, opereations management) experts who can offer affordable trial solutions scaled to the capacity of small manufacturers.  As successful efforts grow, a repository of proven solutions emerges.  


Don't worry, we're not charging you for this portion.  Yes you actually get some things (not all for free).  The free affordable solutions will not be customized to your company but rather a toolbox of approaches or best practice guidelines that deal with the specific issue or challenge you are facing.  


You can get greater benefits using small investments in our online training courses that are priced below our $200/hr consulting fee.  


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