Capacity Building: Make things that are beneficial.


The definition of beneficial has two compoenents: (1) results in good; (2) gives things that are good as a right to others.


Our mission (increasing sustainability, eco-industry, prosperity, life) contains the two WHYs of what we do:


Prosperity - we enjoy prosperity and believe it is good 


Life - we believe life is a right to be enjoyed in prosperity


Training and information sharing lead to enlightement on these issues.

HOW WE HELP YOU - "Function follows Thought"

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Process Improvement: There is always a way of making beneficial things better.   


Industrial evolution has been beneficial.  Women can enjoy washing machines. Men can enjoy packaged foods (no need to hunt unless you want to).  Children can enjoy playing instead of serving as free farm labor.  


Now we need to make industry better through the practice of eco-industry.  The guiding question: What is the greatest LIFE benefit you deliver that enables others to state you enhance their ability to share with others (pay it forward)?  


Using our Holistic Business Permaculture Framework empowers executives and leaders (including those who lead in community or small group settings) with the strategies and systems needed to integrate sustainable practices into business operations that others can follow. 



Legacy: Make it last!


Strategy is a dynamic and continuously evolving process.  Sustainability is long term and futuristic.  Just like a compass keeps a traveler on course and a creed keeps you centered, legacy protocols are the rules of thumb (heuristics) that enable you to keep your accomplishments and success on target. 


We help you take the tacit knowledge you accumulate and turn it into heuristic models (response protocols, work flow sequences, governance principles).  If this sounds like a foreign/bizarre language you REALLY need to to talk to us - we don't bite (smile)!

Think of lessons you really want your children or those you love to remember so they can avoid mistakes in their lives.  Now imagine lessons you really want other business people to remember.  Even if you are not a manufacturer it is likely you either use manufactured products or have participated in a production process.  


The driving question: Is this [what you are doing] something that makes you happy to be remembered for in any social circle or country?


We believe the answer should always be yes.  No one in life is perfect and the pursuit of perfection does not leave room for "irrational exploration."  There was a time when dreaming of traveling to the moon was "irrational" now we only watch if there is news about a Mars space station.  This planet we call home needs some tidying up and beautification so that it can last in a way that is beneficial and enables future generations to dream as well as accomplish wonderful things we cannot even imagine today.


Just like you prepare your home to receive important guests, work with us to prepare the planet to receive all the important people (from all walks of life, countries, ethnicities and socio-economic strata) who have not been born yet...