Showcasing Green Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing

Cecilia Wandiga May 20, 2015


So what's so special about sustainable manufacturing?  You take your regular business model, you add people and planet to profits and voilá.  Well, if only it were that easy.  Sustainable manufacturing requires that you generate net positive ROI on each of these measures.  Net Positive Financial return, Net Positive Ecological return, Net Positive Social return.


The biggest challenge on this is the human (social return).  Over the past 10yrs there have been technological advances that enable us to improve environmental conditions as we manufacture products.  However, labor is still a challenge.  Sustainability says pay high so people have disposable income to spend on local economies.  In addition, keep people employed.  However, how do high wages and not firing people give a firm a competitive advantage?....

Cool Products

Cecilia Wandiga May 20, 2015


Definitions are all well and good but what do these companies make that is so darn different???



Americal Chemical Society - Green Chemistry showcase 


We also have some favorites...

Eco-Industrial World

Cecilia Wandiga May 20, 2015


Even though this might sound futuristic, some of it has been around for 40 years!


Can our plant facilities have plants?  The answer is yes.  We can even grow food where we make cars, swim in shipping port harbors, and use the outputs from one manufacturer as inputs for another which creates a manufacturing eco-system.  


Not only can you see what has been done, we invite you to share ideas on what's to come....!