Increasing Sustainability, Eco-Industry, Prosperity, Life.



[Note to governments outside the United States: this statement is designed to meet the needs of the U.S. government contracting system.  If you are looking for a ministry model under which we would fit, our focus is the reduction of risk and hazards from small firm manufacturing activities.  The System for Land-Based Emissions Estimation in Kenya (SLEEK) is a model we like. If you have models like these we would like to contribute towards enhancing your efforts.]


Capabilities Statement (Management Consulting):


D-U-N-S: 079503584 

CAGE Code: 76W71


Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8.0)



September 23, 2014 US Presidential Executive Order - Climate Resilient International Development



Global Ectropy is a sole proprietorship whose mission is to increase sustainability, eco-industry, prosperity, life. We accomplish this through Holistic Business Permaculture Management (BPM). In other words, we help you integrate permaculture principles into your process.


Where others see desperation we see promise and prosperity. We continually use sustainable and green development practices in order to generate an industrial climate in Africa that is holistic, ecological and sustainable for present and future generations. The Global Ectropy "space" is an experimental zone where those with shared ideals can come together to explore how to manifest the changes we wish to bring about in the business world. We also seek to share this experience globally.


Focus Area: Business Strategy & Public Policy ("Function follows Thought")





  1. Enlighten: use visual analytics to uncover relationships governing system dynamics. (Strategic Planning)

  2. Master: integrate data use into performance excellence measures & enhance strategic foresight. (Change Management)

  3. Sustain: establish best practice protocols for 3BL (People, Planet, Profits aka Social Responsibility)


Company details:

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CEO & Founder


Cecilia Wandiga, a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified ISO 9000 Quality Systems Auditor, has over 20 years of experience assisting small businesses, governments and non-profits improve their community impact and operational performance. Strategy and policy are perceived as complex planning tools. Often times, planning documents are never tied to operational processes; this dilutes the time and resources spent on planning. Using her Holistic Business Permaculture Framework, Cecilia empowers executive and senior leaders with the strategies and systems needed to integrate sustainable practices into business operations. Vision and mission provide purpose. Strategies provide direction. Systems create the processes which enable operational excellence. Data analysis and metrics provide benchmarks. Change management enables long-term survival.


This article provides more details on how the framework is used


North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Codes:


541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

611430 Professional and Management Development Training


United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC):


80000000 Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services

80101504 Strategic planning consultation services

80101508 Business intelligence consulting services

86132000 Management education and training services