Eco-Industrial Synergies


Industrial ecology is a relatively new field focused on the study of how we can improve our industrial processes in order to ensure the raw materials we use are renewable, our consumption is balanced and industrial impact is either neutral (net zero) or positive (net positive).  You can learn more here.

Our great grandparents would not have believed that there would be a day when dirty is not a symbol of manufacturing.  Here is proof:


Denmark's Kalundborg eco-industrial park (11:55min video) showcases 40yrs of progress in industrial symbiosis and regional competitive niches 


In 2015, Costa Rica began running on 100% renewable energy (yes, as a country)


Spider web designs can be used to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing facility layouts.


Sainsbury proves Triple Zero is a good thing for business.


Energy positive townhomes mean energy positive manufacturing plants are on the horizon.

Copenhagen's shipping harbor is so clean you can swim in it!

Less than 1% of Swedish waste (yes as in the whole country) ends up in landfills.

Switchgrass biofuel reduces GHG emissions without compromising food sources.

Seoul's City Hall (5:21min video) is both eco-friendly and energy efficient.

3D printing helps turtles and human babies.

A summary of Green Biz.