Welcome to Global Ectropy's Learning Center!


Yes, we are actually going to try and teach others how to do this crazy sustaiinability stuff.  


Our training approach is informal (no quizzes, no tests, no long lectures unless you beg us for one for some inexplicable reason).  We throw action oriented techniques at you and let you take the time to absorb, digest, apply at your own pace.  You come back to us  elated or screaming (we take both as long are there are no insults).  We provide feedback and advise you on next steps you can take.


Your passing "grade"is whether you met the goals you set out to accomplish for your company. As the number of participants builds, a tribe of succesful Small and Midsized Manufacturers specializing in World Class Sustainable Manufacturing also builds.  


Our training tone will vary.  Sometimes it is just intense drill instruction.  Sometimes it is jovial not meant to offend but rather to build comraderie (like when you get together with old friends/classmates and ask, why isn't this working and they ask, were you asleep for the past 5years of human history?).  It is not meant to be argumentative or rough and certainly not meant to be demeaning or condescending.  If jovial doesn't work for play fair/play nice we'll just be dull boring and serious all the time.....



Visit our learning platform by clicking here.  Please be patient as we develop our offerings.




Course Thumbnails (click on the image to go directly the course):


Free Course on the Human Causes Climate Change and how you can help reverse these effects [general audience]





















Paid Course ($150 for 12mths unlimited access) on How to Anticipate the Sustainabilty Trend most relevant to your Bill of Materials [audience: small and midsized manufacturers]