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Oceanside, CA 


Tel: +1 619-537-7568

Fax: +1 760-418-6468

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Billable Rate: $500/hr (compare to a full-time Chief Sustainability Officer)


Minimum Billing Increment: 15minutes


Service Example: $1,500 for 3 one-hour sessions (each session includes: 20 min talking with your team about your strategy/sustainability issue, 40minutes of our time to deliver a customized recommendation)


Global Ectropy's goal is not to be the most affordable small and midsized business consultant.  At the same time, there is a strong commitment to remain within the pricing reach of this market.  Global Ectropy's goal is to be the type of consultant that enables you to make new breakthroughs.  You don't have to hire Global Ectropy more than once (yes repeat business is fun but save the money for when it really counts - doing new things together).  The Fun Reads page has resources you can use on your own and master solo, remember not to rush things (yes, if it is overwhelming, guiding you through it can be a paid project we work on).

We thrilled to have been invited to join The Mentors Guild Network!



What do we do again?  Here at Global Ectropy we don't just make you think, we help you use your data to build sustainable business eco-systems.  


Don't just sit there asking why, drop us a note using the form above and hit the send button.  It doesn't bite (grin)!

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