We are process designers and we use our expertise to re-balance systems.




Our Strategic Interpretation of Eco-Industry


Global Ectropy is a consulting firm that facilitates eco-social adaptation in distressed communities. 


We offer two deliverables and four outcomes:  


(1) Capacity Building - (a) sustainability skills for small & mid-sized manufacturers; (b) community awareness through applied learning.   


(2) Process Improvement - (a) scientifically validated and globally benchmarked sustainable performance; (b) material resiliency through affordable and renewable production methods.


We accomplish all this through Holistic Business Permaculture Management (BPM).  In other words, we help you integrate permaculture (making ecology a permanent part of your culture) principles into your business performance management process.


You can read more about our definition of sustainability in this article http://www.sustainablebrands.com/news_and_views/communications/defining-sustainability-process-strategy-focu

Our vision statement reflects the purpose of our work: increasing sustainability, eco-industry, prosperity, life.



































Business Strategy for Eco-Social Industrial Growth

Mission: We are committed to enabling triple bottom line + humankindness economic growth through the creation and expansion of sustainable ECO-INDUSTRY



Welcome to Business 2.0  - a new generation of business in which being a benefit to society and the environment is just as important as the benefits delivered to investors.  Our mission statement is based on the belief that a focus on improving eco-industrial processes leads to sustainable increases in the prosperity of all life on the planet.  


We believe "space" is akin to the place (mental or physical) that exists when people of like minds converge to create objects that exist in what was once a void.  Sustainability is such a "space" because sustainability is a concept that is creating objects which exist in what used to be a planetary health and safety void.  Ectropy is the ability to generate continuous improvement without a degradation (loss) of energy.  


Details on ectropy: 
1. Short http://evolutionwiki.org/wiki/Ectropy 
2. Lengthy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negentropy 


The Global Ectropy "space" is an experimental zone where those with shared ideals can come together to explore how to manifest the changes we wish to bring about in the business world. We also seek to share this experience globally. 

We are focused on FOR-PROFIT models for community manufacturing (aka The Maker Movement) through micro-enterprises. Where others see desperation we see promise and prosperity. We use sustainable and green development practices in order to generate an industrial climate in Africa that is holistic, ecological and sustainable for present and future generations.

Empowered Community Stations© 

Sustainable transformation takes time (typically at least 10 years).  Sustainable transformation is also a continuous learning process. At Global Ectropy we do not try to be lone stars.  We partner with institutions and organizations that are committed to the continuous pursuit of innovation and improvement.

Business 2.0 Execution: We develop strategies for university-industry bio-manufacturing (eco-industry) R&D innovation collaboratives (life) using social enterprise (sustainability) business (prosperity) models.


There are many approaches to sustainable eco-industry.  The best approach is the one that works well in your community.  As a result, we avoid formulaic processes.  Instead we outline the goals (modular components) of the system and work with you to identify community resources that are best suited to execute each component.

Instead of starting with sustainability as a goal, we start with problem solving as a goal and make sure eco-industry principles are integrated into the solution.

The problems will vary from community to community.  So will the definition of wealth and the preferred business strategy.  The important part is to focus on inclusive models that regenerate nature while building health societies.

Our scientific research is performed through our partner: the Centre for Science and Technology Innovation in Nairobi, Kenya