We espouse the Conscious Capitalism philosophy because it aligns with our mission: increasing sustainability, eco-industry, prosperity, life. 


We believe in using scientific research and business acumen to benefit those who have difficulty improving their living conditions.


We seek to collaborate with organizations focused on:

  • Humankindness

  • Sustainable Bio-based Scientific Research

  • Frugal Science (affordable technology)

  • Open Innovation

  • Community Health & Safety

  • Participatory Action Research

  • Eco-Industry (Manufacturing as an Eco-Social Sevice)

  • Inclusive Triple Bottom Line Business Models

  • Strategic Multi-Generational Wealth Building

  • Empowering Underserved Populations through Business and e-Commerce


We offer quality improvement techniques that are rooted in a combination of Lean Six Sigma, Agile, evolutionary scaling, stakeholder engagement, and precautionary safety. 


Our areas of expertise are:


  • Toxicity Reduction

  • Climate Resilience Adaptation

  • Manufacturing Ecology

  • Small Business Development

  • Data Mapping

  • Strategic Innovation for Sustainability.


You receive customized eco-industrial solutions that leverage scientific expertise as the foundation for small business product development, particularly in marginalized communities (emerging markets).


Our ideal project is a community problem such as pollution or ecological damage that is adversely affecting resident health or food supplies and livelihoods.


The goal of our capabilities team is to find ways to turn the problem into a solution that restores healthy environments and generates income.


A world in which we are able to sustainably manufacture products that deliver human pleasure and ecological safety.


We draw our business inspiration from the giraffes we have seen roam the Savannah plains.  


Giraffes have long necks to see far (strategy), bodies that have adapted to low resource availability (innovation), spots as unique as finger prints (ecological niches), and live in groups (collaboration networks).


Biomimcry goes beyond copying natural processes.  Biomicry involves identifying the connection that binds our existence to that of other species - interdependence.  Interdependence requires us to factor the survival needs of other species into our production demand calculations.  Good design benefits human and non-human habitats.


Our preferred areas of Research & Development are Community Based:

•    Agro chemicals
•    Micro-grid Renewable Energy
•    Biosurfactants
•    Phytoremediation
•    PHA plastics


Additional areas of interest are:

o    Bio-based construction materials
o    Bio-based resins and fibers